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'Paternity Court,' 'Couples Court' Will Return for Seasons 7 and 3

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court and Couples Court will return for seasons seven and three, respectively, said Orion Television, a subsidiary of MGM, on Wednesday. Orion Television distributes both programs.

The shows are cleared on stations from the Tribune, CBS, Sinclair, Weigel, Scripps and Nexstar station groups and in all of the top 15 markets. Many stations run the two shows in a two-hour block. Both shows are renewed in more than 100 markets but not cleared across the entire country and are not listed on Nielsen’s national syndication ratings chart.

“Unlike other court shows, Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court and Couples Court with The Cutlers give viewers a double dose of juicy stories and shocking secrets,” said Barry Poznick, president, unscripted television, said in a statement. “Audiences love the mix of useful relationship advice and revealing DNA results. We are confident that both shows will continue to deliver compelling cases solving family mysteries and cheating scandals for many years to come.”

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is led by Judge Lauren Lake, who presides over emotional cases regarding paternity situations and unveils DNA results to litigants. Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is produced by 79th & York Entertainment and Armour.

The show is created and executive produced by Armour. Myeshia Mizuno and Lake are executive producers. Angela Smith is a co-executive producer. The show is directed by Stacie Saugen Joseph.

Couples Court With the Cutlers is led by the first married couple to preside over a TV courtroom, Keith and Dana Cutler. The Cutlers tackle relationship disputes using high-tech means in order to help litigants uncover the truth about their relationships, as well as give advice from their own relationship as well as consult with celebrity guest witnesses.

Couples Court With The Cutlers executive producers are creator David Armour, Barry Poznick, Myeshia Mizuno and Angela Smith. The show is directed by Stacie Saugen Joseph. The show is produced by 501 East Entertainment and distributed by Orion TV Productions (Orion Television).

As with previous seasons, both shows will continue to provide every litigant with off-camera counseling resources to help move forward in their lives.