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Orlando Stations Broadcasting Using New ATSC 3.0 Signal

Atsc 3.0 in Orlando
(Image credit: ATSC)

Eight television stations in Orlando have begun broadcasting using the new ATSC 3.0 format.

The new format offers viewers better picture and sound, access to internet-delivered content and lets stations provide new digital services.

Stations in markets across the country have been making the switchover to ATSC 3.0. Last week, stations in Baltimore began broadcasting using the new format.

The Orlando stations involved in the switch to the new format are Fox Television’ s WRBW-TV and WOFL-TV , Cox Media Group’s WFTV-TV and WRDQ-TV, Graham Media Group’s WKMG-TV, Hearst Television’s WESH-TV and WKCF-TV, and University of Central Florida’s WUCF-TV. 

“Viewers in Orlando have a lot to be excited about,” said John Soapes, president and general manager of WESH-TV. The new system “ensures the future of television, where content and the experience of watching culminates, leaving viewers informed, entertained, and inspired.” 

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The participating stations have worked together to ensure current programming remains available to all viewers, regardless of whether their television service is provided over-the air or by a cable or satellite company. 

Antenna viewers can simply rescan their TV sets to ensure full service.