'Next Top Model' Goes to Africa

CBS Studios International has sold the African format rights
for America's Next Top Model to New
York-based LuLu Productions, which will work with Never Machine Productions to
produce Africa's Next Top Model.

The reality competition series will be shot primarily on
location in South Africa and is slated to air pan-regionally in Africa on the
MNET Africa Magic channels in 2013.

Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Orlandi will serve as host and
executive producer, and South African Tourism is sponsoring the show, which
will begin production in August in Cape Town in English.

Models will be selected from eight countries throughout

In a statement, Roxanne Pompa, VP of international formats
sales and production at CBS Studios International, called the format sale "a
testament to the universal popularity of the ever-growing America's Next Top Model franchise."

"My company, LuLu Productions, will be
partnering with Never Machine productions with Gavin Wratten as co-executive
producer and also one of the giant media houses to help make this show a big
success," added Oluchi in a statement.