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Network Deep Dive: Viewers’ Emotional Reactions to ABC Shows

B&C has partnered with Canvs, the language analytics company, to identify the most compelling emotional touchpoints across network programming. Canvs analyzes viewers’ expressions of emotion across all tweets about television captured by Nielsen, then sorts them into categories including “brilliant,” “sad,” “beautiful” and more.

This week’s focus is on ABC for the 7 days ended June 28. ABC’s dominant series right now across most emotional categories is unsurprisingly The Bachelorette. The reality dating game show, now in season 12, has been a stalwart for ABC, and the network knows how to keep viewers riveted. In fact, one fan tweeted that even though she got rid of cable, she went out and bought an antenna just so she could watch The Bachelorette.

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Many viewers enjoy live tweeting episodes, and the show boasts a 20.3% loyal social audience (the percentage of viewers who return to watch and tweet week after week), according to Canvs.

Here, a closer look at the ABC shows that prompt tweets across various categories of Emotional Reactions (ERs) analyzed by Canvs:


— ansley grace;) (@ansleygteague) June 28, 2016

Wow, everything hinges on that one slipup in the game. That's happened so many times on this show. #100kPyramid#SundayFunAndGames#WATE

— Nicholas Mooneyhan (@nicholasm79) June 27, 2016

Liz looks gorgeous #GH

— Kelhive (@tvlover01) June 22, 2016