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NBC Affiliates Board Supports NBC’s Decision on Anchor

The NBC affiliates board is “supportive” of NBC in its six month-suspension of Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. “Our view is that NBC has acted very responsibly and efficiently in what is obviously a difficult situation,” said Ralph Oakley, the affiliates board chairman.

Oakley, president and CEO of Quincy Newspapers, Inc., was elected NBC affiliates board chairman earlier this month.

On Feb. 10, NBC News suspended the Nightly News anchor for six months without pay, after it was learned that Williams inaccurately spoke of being in a helicopter that was shot down by gunfire in Iraq in 2003. Lester Holt continues in a substitute anchor role.

Williams is well liked by affiliates, thanks to Nightly News’ strong performance among evening newscasts, and the anchor’s presence on various NBC entertainment shows.