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NATPE: 'Just For Laughs: Gags' Renewed Through 2018

Syndicated series Just for Laughs: Gags has been renewed for two more seasons, distributor PPI Releasing said Monday on the eve of NATPE in Miami.

The Canadian import, which runs both as a Monday-Friday strip and as a weekend stack, has been renewed by Tribune Broadcasting and other station groups through 2018. Just For Laughs: Gags has been airing in syndication since 2015. It also aired on ABC’s primetime for three seasons, has a spin-off show, Just Kidding, on Disney XD, and a YouTube channel.

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The show features Canadian comedy troupe, Just For Laughs, in a Candid Camera-style reality series.

PPI Releasing offers Just For Laughs: Gags on an all-barter basis.