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NATPE 2009: Street Court "firm go" for fall

NATPE '09: Complete Coverage from B&C

Clearance announcements started to roll as this year’s NATPE conference in Las Vegas got underway on Monday.

Litton Entertainment announced that Storm Stories, which Litton acquired off of The Weather Channel, will return for season two. Storm Stories, which mostly airs on the weekends, allows TV stations to incorporate local weather talent and news into the show.

Litton also said that its first-run strip Street Court, starring Michael “Judge Mazz” Mazzariello,  is a firm go for fall 2009, with 65% of the country cleared. The show’s clearances in stations in the Barrington, Belo, Capitol, CBS, Cox, Hearst-Argyle, Journal, Local TV, Mission, Newport, Roberts, Sinclair, Tribune and Weigel broadcast groups.
Street Court takes place on the street, with Judge Mazz bringing each litigant back to the scene of the conflict and resolving it there.

Other first-day announcements today: Disney-ABC’s Legend of the Seeker will return for season two, and CBS Television Distribution’s Star Trek: The Next Generation will return to syndication this fall.