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MyNet Hopes to Build With ‘Burn Notice'

Fox-owned MyNetworkTV is expected to
pick up USA's
Burn Notice for a primetime run starting this fall, according to
industry sources.

"We have nothing to announce at this time," said a MyNetTV spokesman.

Burn Notice, cable's top show, is produced by
Fox TV Studios and Fuse Entertainment and airs on USA Network. It stars Jeffrey
Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell and is created and executive
produced by Matt Nix. The show returns to USA on Thursday, June 3.

MyNetTV will likely double-run the
show on Wednesday nights. The network currently airs Twentieth's The Unit
in those slots, and it will have aired every episode of the show come May.

Overall, MyNetTV is turning in a
strong performance. Year to year, the network is up 28% in total viewers and
13% among adults 18-49. On Monday nights, when it airs a double-run of NBC
Universal's Law & Order: Criminal Intent, it's up 60% among total
viewers. On Wednesday nights, it's up nearly 100%.

MyNetTV bills itself as a programming
service, as opposed to a traditional network, acquiring programming to fill its
primetime hours. MyNetTV affiliates program the rest of their schedules themselves.