MIP-TV: Warner Bros. to Sell 'ER' Format Rights

After widely selling the hit U.S. drama ER to over 50 countries, Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) will be selling format rights to make local versions of the drama to international broadcasters at MIP-TV between April 1 to 4 in Cannes.

Launched in 1994 on NBC, ER had a 331-episode run in the U.S. and was sold as a finished program to over 50 countries. In rolling out the series as a format, the studio is hoping to capitalize on the growing interest in remaking popular U.S. series in local languages in many territories.

"ER is one of the most successful, long-running, highly rated and recognizable television programs ever created and remains in syndication around the world, so we are confident that a wide variety of territories will want to produce their own local version of the show," noted WBITVP's Andrew Zein, senior VP, creative format development and sales in a statement.