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‘Like Mother, Like Daughter?’ on Discovery Plus Jan. 8

Like Mother, Like Daughter? on Discovery Plus
(Image credit: Discovery Plus)

Like Mother, Like Daughter? debuts on Discovery Plus Jan. 8. The docuseries, which has OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) overseeing production, follows six pairs of mothers and daughters who embark on a three-week retreat to address their broken relationships. 

“Emotions run high as healing these relationships exposes long-kept secrets, reopening old wounds and revealing deep seated issues,” goes the show description. “With the help of family therapists Dr. Cynthia Powell-Hicks and Dr. Allycin Powell-Hicks--a mother/daughter duo themselves who can uniquely relate to the dynamics--the women work together to address trauma and cultivate the skills necessary to have a healthy, loving relationship with each other. For some, this journey may seem impossible and for others, it’s a life changing experience.”

New episodes air weekly on Discovery Plus. 

Like Mother, Like Daughter? is executive produced by Jonathan Murray, Julie Pizzi, Erica Ross and Jonathan Singer of Bunim/Murray Productions in partnership with d+ and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. ■