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Hearst Stations Move to Impression-Based Ad Sales

Hearst Television said its stations will begin selling TV ads based on audience impressions, a shift away from traditional ratings.

Hearst said impressions better reflects how many people watch programs and commercials and are more comparable to metrics being used on other video-viewing platforms.

Industry trade group the TVB has been push for impressions and some ad agency buy local media that way. Last month the NBCU/Telemundo stations said they would no longer sell ads based on ratings but would shift to impressions.

“We have always focused on providing large, quality audiences to our advertisers,” said Jordan Wertlieb, Hearst Television’s president. “Today’s video marketplace requires contemporary measurement metrics.”

The change increases the opportunity for television companies to provide inventory into widely used programmatic digital-advertising platforms and to participate more seamlessly in cross-market, regional and unwired network ad campaigns, Hearst said.

“This is without question one of the most dynamic times in the history of our industry,” said Eric Meyrowitz, Hearst Television senior VP, sales. “Helping facilitate a change that ultimately allows for easier transaction across multiple platforms is something we are excited and eager to be a part of.”