Hearst Primetime Special on Opioid Crisis Airing Live Wednesday

As part of the group’s year-long look at the opioid crisis, Hearst-owned TV stations on Wednesday will air a live primetime special on the subject hosted by Soledad O’Brien, the former CNN anchor who heads Hearst’s political show, Matter of Fact.

Matter of Fact: State of Addiction will feature interviews with federal lawmakers involved in abating the epidemic including U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Rob Portman, as well as health and addiction experts.

The one-hour special will also include localized reports from individual stations as well as affiliates around the country, Hearst said.

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A social media initiative, operating under the hashtag #stateofaddiction, will use photos, videos and stories posted by individuals to create a “wall of remembrance” for victims of the epidemic.

The show will broadcast from the Newseum in Washington. It will be streamed on Hearst stations’ websites and apps.