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FremantleMedia, YouTube Ink Content Deal

Production house FremantleMedia is the latest major media company to sign a content agreement with Google-owned video site YouTube.

Under the terms of the deal, Fremantle will create original programming for exclusive distribution on the video site, and will also use it as a web platform for many of its current and upcoming programs.

Fremantle will also become one of the largest companies to use YouTube’s VideoID technology, which tracks down copyrighted content on the site and allows the owner to remove it, track it or place ads on it.

FremantleMedia and YouTube will split advertising revenue.

Fremantle already has a number of successful channels on the site, including dedicated channels for Britain’s The X Factor, Australia’s Hole in the Wall, Atomic Wedgie, Project V and others.

"We are pleased that, following a period of creative experimentation, FremantleMedia is cementing its relationship with us for content distribution and use of our VideoID tools,” said Patrick Walker, Director, Video Partnerships, YouTube EMEA in a statement. “FremantleMedia is an innovative company that knows how to embrace change –the tremendous success of their YouTube Channels so far is a testament of their ability to engage with YouTubers.”

YouTube has been locking up deals with content providers over the past few weeks, as it has sought to shore up the long form content available on the site and increase revenue. CBS and MGM are two of the companies that have signed deals with the video site.