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‘Flack’ Season Two on Amazon Prime June 11

Amazon Prime's 'Flack'
(Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Season two of Flack is on Amazon Prime June 11. Oliver Lansley created the show, which Amazon describes as “equal parts drama and comedy set in a world of high-stakes public relations and shows the dark underbelly of cleaning up clients’ messes.” 

Anna Paquin plays PR ace Robyn

This season, Mills Paulson PR finds itself dealing with its usual load of showbiz scandals, managing models, promoting politicians and wrangling off-the-rails television talent. “No scandal is left unturned,” teased Amazon. 

Six-episode season one premiered on Amazon in January. 

Season one previously aired on Pop TV, which ordered a second season but never aired it as its programming strategy shifted. 

Lydia Wilson and Sophie Okonedo are also in the cast.