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‘Fast Foodies’ Premieres on TruTV Feb. 4

Fast Foodies
(Image credit: TruTV)

Cooking competition series Fast Foodies premieres Feb. 4 on TruTV. Top Chef winners Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford and Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland invite celebrity guests to bring their favorite fast food meal to the restaurant, and the chefs compete to recreate and then reimagine the dish. 

Joel McHale is on the premiere episode, challenging the chefs to come up with, and rework, the Portillo’s Chicago-style hot dog. “I, Joel McHale, wanted to see if world class chefs (really nice people with some great tattoos) could even come close to duplicating or surpassing (I know this is sacrilegious) the incredible dish that is a Chicago hot dog. Good luck (he said with extreme sarcasm without much hope that they will accomplish this),” said McHale.

Other guests include James Van Der Beek, Andy Richter, Amanda Seales and Ron Funches.

“This show is equal parts food, comedy and raucous debauchery,” Corie Henson, executive VP, head of unscripted programming for TBS, TNT and truTV, said when the show was announced. “The stakes have never been lower, but it’s a blast to spend the night with Kristen, Jeremy and Justin, and you’ll never look at your favorite fast food the same way again after seeing the works of art these three culinary geniuses are creating every week.”

At the end of every episode, one chef will be crowned the winner and will take home the Chompionship Trophy. 

There are 10 episodes, airing Thursdays. 

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