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‘Fake Famous’ Premieres on HBO Feb. 2

Fake Famous on HBO
(Image credit: HBO)

Documentary Fake Famous, about social media influencers and the obsession with likes and followers on the various platforms, premieres on HBO Feb. 2. Nick Bilton directs. The project “explores the industry of social media influencers through an innovative social experiment,” according to HBO. 

The film looks at the casting of three people in Los Angeles who all have relatively small social followings and the attempt to grow them into famous influencers. “By purchasing fake followers and an army of bots to ‘engage’ with their social media, the newly made ‘influencers’ discover both the wonders and costs of this unlikely, immersive lifestyle,” said HBO. 

Bilton is a special correspondent at Vanity Fair

Graydon Carter, former editor of Vanity Fair, is an executive producer. Annabelle Dunn and Mary Recine produce the documentary. 

For HBO, Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller exec produce and Sara Rodriguez is a senior producer.