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Exclusive: Twentieth Clears 'COPS' Reboot, 'COPS Reloaded,' in 80% of U.S.

As it enters its twentieth anniversary in syndication,
Twentieth Television has cleared a rebooted version of Fox's long-running
Saturday night series, COPS, in 80% of the country to debut this fall,
said Twentieth's Paul Franklin, executive VP and general sales manager,
broadcast sales.

"It's such an iconic brand and after 20 years in
syndication, we felt there were a lot of things we could do to freshen up,
reenergize, recreate the show, while still keeping the things that the COPS
viewers love about the show. Every episode will be re-edited. Different
segments will have the best chases, funniest and wildest criminals, or the
show's craziest moments in the show, but it will retain that great COPS

"I think COPS will be in syndication forever,"
said John Langley, COPS' creator and executive producer. Langley
Productions is producing COPS Reloaded for its new syndication run.
"COPS performs extremely well in syndication and on basic cable.
It's always done well in off-net."

The show is sold in two-year deals to stations such as
CBS-owned WLNY New York, KTXA Dallas, WUPA Atlanta, WBFS Miami and WPCW
Pittsburg; Ellis-owned KDOC Los Angeles; Weigel's WCIU Chicago; Tribune's
KCPQ/KZJO Seattle and KTXL Sacramento, as well as stations in the Sinclair,
Gannett and Meredith Groups.

COPS Reloaded is sold on an all-barter basis with a 4 ½ local/3 national split. It will air in blocks of two half-hours in most