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Exclusive: MGM to Launch 'Paternity Court' This Fall

MGM Television will launch new court show, Paternity
, this fall, the syndicator's first first-run show to come to market
in several years, says John Bryan, president of MGM Domestic Television

The show stars family lawyer Lauren Lake, who will talk to
the show's guests about their situations, as well as reveal the results of
their DNA tests. While the show's title is Paternity Court, it also will
look into other situations that use DNA confirmation, such as disputes over
wills. Lake has appeared on many TV shows, including Dr. Phil, The
O'Reilly Factor
, The Bill Cunningham Show, The Today Show, The
and on many cable news networks.

It's not too far of a stretch to assume that Maury,
the father of televised paternity cases, was the inspiration of this show.

"Starting in its 2009-10 season, Maury started
doing a lot of paternity cases. The show's numbers went up, and today, 90% of
his shows involve this in some way. On many occasions, Maury leads all
talk shows among women 25-54," says Bryan.

"We also looked at what the most popular genre is in
daytime and that's court. This show hits a sweet spot in daytime. Court has
obviously proved itself and shows about paternity have proved themselves."

The show already is sold in much of the country, including
to stations in the CBS, Sinclair, Tribune, Weigel, Cox, Capitol, Meredith,
Local, Journal and Fisher station groups. Stations are acquiring the show on an
all-barter basis with 3 ½ minutes of local and 3 ½ minutes of national
advertising time in every episode.

"It's a little bit Maury and a little bit
court-y," says Neal Sabin, president of content and networks for Weigel
Broadcasting, which owns WCIU Chicago and "It fits with our blocks and
gives us a different on court within the traditional court setting."

Paternity Court will be executive produced by David
Armour and 79th and York Entertainment and MGM Television. It's being
distributed by MGM Domestic Television Distribution.