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Exclusive: 'Bill Cunningham' Renewed on The CW This Fall

The CW and Tribune Broadcasting are bringing back The
Bill Cunningham Show
for a second season on the network this fall.

Tribune and The CW share revenues on the show, which got its
start as a test on a few Tribune-owned stations and then expanded out to the
entire group in 2011. Last fall, The CW and Tribune agreed to air the show on
the network, with The CW keeping four minutes of advertising inventory in every
show, and Tribune keeping ten.

"We are very pleased by the continued growth of The Bill
Cunningham Show
and look forward to a successful third season. Much of the
show's success can be attributed to Bill's chemistry with the guests and
audience members, and the hard work of our producers, whose selection of lively
topics resonates with viewers," said Sean Compton, Tribune Broadcasting's
president of programming and entertainment, in a statement.

ITV Studios America produces the show in front of a live
studio audience at NEP Penn Studios in Manhattan.

The Bill Cunningham Show, a conflict talker along the
lines of NBCUniversal's Maury or Jerry Springer, stars nationally
syndicated radio host Bill Cunningham, and airs on The CW Monday through Friday
at 3 p.m.