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ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Has Positive COVID Test

Scott Van Pelt on the set of SportsCenter Sept. 29, 2020
Scott Van Pelt (Image credit: Allen Kee / ESPN Images)

SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt said on Twitter that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“Won’t be doing shows for a bit after a positive Covid-19 test. Thankfully, no fever & I feel fine. Just can’t smell or taste anything which was my clue to go get a test,” Van Pelt’s tweet said. “So, I will hunker down and hopefully can be back at it before too long.”

While Van Pelt is out, the late night editions of SportsCenter will be a mixture of the Bristol and Los Angeles-based shows. The 11 p.m. show from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., may expand by an hour on some nights. On other nights the 1 a.m. SportsCenter from LA may start earlier, an ESPN spokesman said.

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The spokesman had no comment on whether other ESPN staffers were exposed to COVID or in quarantine, citing privacy concerns.

Van Pelt has hosted the midnight edition of SportsCenter since 2015.

He is also the main host of ESPN’s golf coverage, including the Masters and the PGA Championship.

Van Pelt has been with ESPN since 2001.

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