Entertainment Studios Launches SmartTV.com

Independent producer and distributor Entertainment Studios, Inc., announced Wednesday the launch of its global television subscription service platforms, SmartTV.com.

The platform allows subscribers to watch live television and VOD on mobile devices, including Apple and Android devices, as well as Boxee and Roku set-top boxes. Subscriptions begin at $1.99 per month.

"The SmartTV.com platform is a global game changer, consumer-friendly, and allows subscribers to select only the channels they want to watch," said Byron Allen, founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios. "The marketplace research has demonstrated for years that consumers have less than 20 channels that they actually watch. SmartTV.com meets the overwhelming demand of consumers to access a service that is fully personalized, portable, and saves the consumer a great deal of money each month -- no installation fees and no long-term commitments."

SmartTV.com will roll out at least one linear channel in every major programming category within the year, and has already offered the service with six of Entertainment Studios' linear HD networks, including Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, ES.TV, MyDestination.TV, Pets.TV and Recipe.TV.

"SmartTV.com will aggressively expand the channel options for subscribers by launching over 100 networks over the next 24 months," Allen added.