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Disney+ Will Reach 101M Subs by 2025, Still Be Dwarfed by Netflix, Research Group Predicts

Disney+ will amass more than 101 million subscribers worldwide by 2025, but will be only half the size of Netflix, Digital TV Research predicts.

The firm forecasts sustained growth to more than 235 million users over the same span, from a current level of around $158 million.

Amazon Prime Video will also maintain its No. 2 position among SVOD service, with Digital TV Research forecasting around 135 million users for the platform by 2025.

The research company predicts slower growth for HBO Max (over 30 million users by 2025) and Apple TV+ (around 27 million).

The story, however, will be different in the U.S., Digital TV Research said, with Netflix adding only around 6 million users over the five-year span.

“Competition is intense, with several platforms ‘reclaiming’ content from others and with price wars in place,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research.

“Only 29% of Netflix’s subscribers will be in the U.S. by 2025,” Murray added. “The proportion will be as high as 80% for the younger HBO Max.”

Disney+ launches Tuesday.