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Dish Network Loses 230,000 Subscribers in First Quarter

(Image credit: Dish)

Dish Network’s first-quarter net income and revenues rose despite the loss of about 230,000 pay-TV subscribers.

Dish said  the drop in subscribers was smaller than the 413,000 that departed a year ago. The company now has 11.06 million pay-TV subscribers.

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Dish TV fell by 130,000 to 8.69 million subscribers in the first quarter from 8.82 million at the end of the year. Sling TV also lost 100,0000 subscribers in the period, ending the quarter with 2.37 million subscribers.

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A year ago, the company had 11.32 million pay TV customers, with 9.01 million subscribing to Dish TV and 2.31 million on Sling TV.

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First quarter net income was $630 million, or 99 cents a share, compared to $73 million, or 13 cents a year a year ago.

Revenue rose to $4.50 billion from $3.22 billion.

Dish also said retail wireless net subscribers dropped by 151,000 to 8.89 million.