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DGA, Nets Strike New Network Staff Agreement

The Directors Guild of America has struck a tentative agreement with ABC, CBS and NBC on a new Network Staff agreement and the National Board has voted to send it to the members for a vote.

The agreement covers news, sports and operations staffers at the TV nets and some of their owned local stations.

According to DGA, the new agreements include a total 7.2% wage increase staggered over the three years -- 2% the first year, 2.5% for each of the next two.

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The nets will also increase their contributions to the DGA pension plan.

The guild also said that there were provisions "to address opportunities" for new media projects and local station concerns about "jurisdiction, long hours and compensation," but did not elaborate.

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The negotiations appeared to have gone fairly smoothly, beginning in September and resolved, at least tentatively, within a few weeks -- negotiations actually concluded in early October.

The negotiating committee "achieved a strong and impactful agreement with real improvements that will stand our members in good stead for years to come,” said Associate National Executive Director Russell Hollander.

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The current contract expires June 30. The new contract, if ratified, extends from July 1 through June 30, 2020.