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Comscore Launches Strategic Review of the Company

Comscore, which reported a wider loss in the second quarter, said it is conducting a strategic review of the company.

It was unclear whether the review could lead to the sale of all or part of the company. But when asked during the company’s earnings call Tuesday whether the company might sell its movie measurement business, CEO Dale Fuller said “we are looking at all strategic options for the company."

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Nielsen, the leader in the measurement space, is also conducting a review of its operations. That review is expected to be completed when the third quarter ends.

Comscore, once seen as a potential competitor to Nielsen as the primary source of TV measurement, has been stalled since accounting issues cropped up in 2016. Since then the company has had to conduct a costly and distracting re-audit and seen a series of CEO and other top managers go in and out of a revolving door.

Comscore stock, as high as $20 a share in September, closed at $3.02 on Tuesday.

“We're not pleased with the performance of our stock,” said Fuller, who took over as CEO in April. “We, as a team, are finally undertaking important, thoughtful and critical steps to position Comscore for the significant opportunities that are in front of us.”

Fuller said the company is concentrating its people and investments on the industry’s emerging growth areas. He listed those as cross-platform through premium video, movies on-demand, addressable advertising and campaign ratings.