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Comcast Set to Replace Cinemax with New On-Demand Movie Service Hitz

Comcast has announced a new on-demand, commercial-free movie service that it says will be a direct replacement for premium channel Cinemax.

On a website touting the new service, which Comcast calls Hitz, the operator said it “will replace Cinemax and its associated channels in the Xfinity Premier and Super packages, as well as certain other packages.”

“While Cinemax is being removed from these packages, we believe the new lineup offers a better value,” Comcast said on the site. “Most of the movies on Cinemax have also aired on HBO. By offering Hitz instead, we’ll be delivering a better variety of content.”

Comcast said that its new service will launch with more than 200 movies from “top studios.”

Cablefax, which first reported on the new service, said it will debut in July.

Comcast is advising bereaved customers to pay $12 a month to access the a la carte version of Cinemax.