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Comcast Ends Xfinity On Demand App on TiVo

Comcast is informing its customers that effective June 25, the Xfinity On Demand app will no longer work on TiVo.

“The current platform connecting your TiVo to Xfinity On Demand runs on an out-of-date technology that cannot be upgraded or updated,” Comcast said in its notification.

Comcast reps didn't immediately responds to MCN's inquiries for comment.

The missive was first reported on by video tech aficionado and blogger Dave Zatz, who wrote—based on conversations with insiders—that ROI probably factored more into Comcast’s decision than did the cable operator's ongoing patent battle with TiVo.

Regardless, it doesn’t look like the two companies are sharing a lot of code these days. (Notably, in a turn of the screw parroted by several other blogs today, the International Trade Federation is investigating TiVo’s latest patent complaint against Comcast, which was filed earlier this month.)

For its part, Comcast takes the opportunity to plug its new Xfinity Stream app, telling customers in its notification that Xfinity On Demand can be accessed on “other devices” using that app.