CBS Inks Deal With Fox Channels in Sweden

CBS Studios International has announced that it has concluded a multi-year agreement with Fox International Channels (FIC) Sweden that will give FIC broadcast rights to a number of series, including the exclusive right to premiere Madam Secretary and Scorpion in the market.

The deal also includes the right to offer the series on the non-linear and VOD services offers by distributors of Fox in Sweden. That will allow those subscribers to watch the shows on such digital platforms as computers, smart phones and tablets.

Madam Secretary will premiere on Dec. 1 in Sweden while Scorpion will begin airing in early 2015.

In addition Fox in Sweden gets rights to The Odd Couple, which will be available in Sweden shortly after the U.S. premiere, and rights to reruns of other series.

In a statement, Ase Ytreland, MD of FIC Nordic, noted that “we are delighted to partner with CBS, one of the world’s biggest content studios. We are delivering on our promise of bringing a quality TV channel to Sweden, with new and exciting content first on Fox, across many genres and with some of the most successful productions of the year.”