Broadcasters Foundation Offers COVID-19 Emergency Grants

The Broadcasters Foundation of America said it has revised its criteria for issuing emergency grants to include broadcasting company employees in acute financial need due to being infected by COVID-19

The foundation said its emergency grants -- up to $1,000 --  typically given to people recovering from disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes now also include financial need resulting from a COVID-19 infection.

More information about the grants and criteria can be found at this link on the BFOA website. Requests can be emailed to

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“Never in our history as broadcasters have we experienced an event that has caused this much hardship,” Dan Mason, chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation of America, said in a statement. “Thus, we have revised provisions to our emergency grant eligibility guidelines.”

The BFOA's executive committee approved the change at a conference call meeting on April 3, the association said. 

The Broadcasters Foundation of America is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.