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‘Big Bang' Clears Eight More Markets

Warner Bros. has cleared its Big Bang Theory in eight
more markets, with pricing remaining at Two and a Half Men levels or
higher, according to industry sources.

Two and a Half Men earned in the neighborhood of $4
million an episode when it was sold to TV stations in 2006, and that deal was
exclusive to broadcast stations for four years. The show, which starts Charlie
Sheen and Jon Cryer, makes it cable debut this fall on News Corp.'s FX.

Tribune, initially expected be the show's likely launch
group, made its first two Big Bang buys, picking up the show in four
markets: KCPY/KMYQ Seattle-Tacoma (market 13) and WXIN/WTTV Indianapolis
(market 25), where Tribune can run the show on either station with time-period
restrictions. Tribune also acquired the show for its Fox affiliate WTIC
Hartford-New Haven, Conn. (market 30); and CW affiliate WNOL New Orleans
(market 51).

CBS, which airs the show on its parent network on Monday
nights, picked up the show for WBZ/WSBK Boston (market 7).

Other stations acquiring the show include Time Warner's
independent WPCH (formerly WTBS) Atlanta (market 8); Local TV's Fox affiliate
KDVR Denver (market 16) and Bahakel's Fox affiliate WCCB Charlotte, N.C.
(market 24).

The Big
Bang Theory
was created by
Two and a Half Men
's Chuck Lorre, who also has a new show, Mike & Molly, headed
to CBS this fall. Gilmore
' Bill Prady also is a creator. Big Bang Theory stars Jim Parsons, Johnny
Galecki and Kaley Cuoco.