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‘Betty’ Season Two on HBO June 11

Betty on HBO
(Image credit: HBO)

Skate comedy Betty starts on HBO June 11. Based on Crystal Moselle’s movie Skate Kitchen, Betty follows five young women learning about themselves amidst New York’s male-dominated skateboarding scene. 

There are six episodes, which also stream on HBO Max. 

In season two, the five protagonists “are stepping firmly into womanhood and tackling all the challenges it brings,” said HBO. “As they navigate the pressures of adulthood, their male counterparts start to step up, step in, and become true allies, forming a united front for the greater good.”

Set in 2020, the season depicts the pandemic in New York. 

Nina Moran, Dede Lovelace, Moonbear, Rachelle Vinberg and Ajani Russell are in the cast. 

Moselle executive produces with Alliah Sophia Mourad, Igor Srubshchik, Jason Weinberg and Annie Schmidt. Moselle, whose feature films include The Wolfpack, directs.