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‘American Gods’ Done on Starz

'American Gods' returns to Starz on Jan. 10
(Image credit: Starz)

American Gods will not see a fourth season on Starz. The fantasy drama came from a Neil Gaiman novel. Fremantle produced American Gods

The premise of American Gods is, Shadow Moon is told his wife has been killed just before he gets out of prison. He meets con man Mr. Wednesday and becomes his driver and bodyguard. Shadow finds himself in a hidden fantasy world where magic exists. The New Gods battle against the Old Gods. 

Ricky Whittle played Shadow Moon. Ian McShane portrayed Mr. Wednesday. Emily Browning was Shadow’s wife Laura. Crispin Glover played Mr. World. 

The show premiered in 2017. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were the original showrunners. Jesse Alexander was showrunner in season two and Charles “Chic” Eglee ran the show in season three