Adult Swim's Butter Robot to Serve 'Rick & Morty' Fans

Rick and Morty
Rick's robot is a butter-delivering machine (Image credit: Adult Swim)

Adult Swim knows what side of the bread its butter is on, and the best way to help Rick & Morty fans get it there.

The AT&T network, along with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Digital Dream Labs, is rolling out a Butter Robot--invented by Rick in an episode of the animated hit. The robot’s only purpose is to deliver butter to Rick on the dinner table--a mission that causes the robot existential angst and made it a fan favorite.

The robot was unveiled to fans at the Adult Swim Festival.

Butter Robot

The Butter Robot (Image credit: Adult Swim)

“Our partnership with Digital Dream Labs gave us the opportunity to deliver the creative storytelling of Rick and Morty in an incredibly unexpected way that we believe will not only resonate with fans, but ultimately deepen their engagement with the property,” said Robert Oberschelp, senior VP, global brand product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “The Butter Robot is not only innovative, but a really fun way to pass the butter.”

With its lifelike movement and trademark voice, the Butter Robot is sure to deliver hours of fun, all while its complex “emotion engine” creates unique interactions as it struggles with a need for purpose.

The limited Butter Robot will be available for purchase during the holidays. It can be purchased here for $147 during a pre-order window.

"The partnership with Adult Swim has been one of the coolest we've ever done at Digital Dream Labs. We're all huge fans of Rick and Morty and collaborating with the show creators has been great. We’re all very eager for fans of the show to meet the Butter Robot,” said Dr. Jacob Hanchar, co-founder & CEO of Digital Dream Labs.

Of course, the Butter Robot will deliver butter. But wait there’s more.

A complex “emotion engine” allows the Butter Robot to react to influences from its environment and adapt to become more “self-aware” over time while choosing to “rebel" against commands and exhibit independence.

Using the complimentary mobile app, fans can select from three control modes (direct control, coding, passing) to relay a variety of commands to their robot companion.

The Butter Robot will listen for and respond to the phrase “Pass the Butter” and will react by passing its butter stick to the fan who spoke.

Direct control mode allows fans to experience life from the robot's perspective, “driving" the Butter Robot and performing pre-programmed animations (dances, picking up the butter), all while watching from its integrated camera. In coding mode, fans can use block coding to relay a series of commands to the Butter Robot.

In addition to passing the butter, Butter Robot has a combination of mechanical designs that allow it to move its head, torso and arms like a human.

The Butter Robot’s voice is identical to the one in the show. It can interact with its surrounding or deliver phrases relayed through its mobile app’s text-to-voice feature.

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