25th Annual 'Broadcasting & Cable' Hall of Fame

Broadcasting & Cable salutes the class of 2015 on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. Launched in 1991 on the 60th anniversary of Broadcasting magazine, the Broadcasting Hall of Fame honored 60 individuals at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In 1993, cable television had come of age and the awards ceremony embraced the early cable pioneers, re-emerging as the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

The Class of 2015 includes a lineup of industry giants including CEO-level executives of networks, broadcast station groups and cable operators; on-air talent; plus a special posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Frank Gifford. Alfred C. Liggins III joins his mother, Cathy Hughes, the first mother-and-son members of the B&C Hall of Fame. 

Below is the Class of 2015: