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Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank Gifford

He was a winner, a quick study, versatile, reliable, incredibly consistent, a foundational bedrock kind of team player —in short, a standout. This was Frank Gifford, the broadcaster; this was also Frank Gifford, the renowned pro football star. Why would he have brought anything less when, sensing the ebb of one Hall of Fame career, he moved with characteristic agility into another?

Gifford was the first NFL athlete and broadcaster to be thusly honored both on the field and in the booth, winning football’s Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award in 1995.

Gifford called 411 games on Monday Night Football, where he famously starred alongside Howard Cosell and Don Meredith in the seminal, genre-shifting telecast. B&C recognizes his giant contribution to broadcasting. His insights, wit and style influenced generations of athletes who came to the microphone in his wake.