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TV's Share of Automobile Advertising Up, Kantar Says

Automakers increased the share of their advertising they spend on TV, according to Kantar Media, buying 12.7 million commercials for $9.4 billion.

The share increase-to 63.3% from 53.9% in 2009 comes despite the growing amount of media alternatives. In a new blog post, Kantar says that while the gains have come mainly against print–newspapers and magazines–online’s share of spending is also down about 1%.

How much are the automakers spending on TV? Kantar says it amounts to $1,268 for every car sold. Surprisingly, that number is a low since the start of the recession.

In the blog post, Kantar executives question how smart all that TV spending is. They say that a lot of the automakers ads are getting skipped by DVR users, and that with so much media spending, commercials wear out about two-thirds of the way into their run.

Kantar says the auto business can increase the effectiveness of its ad dollars with the new tools available for evaluating campaign. They can also take advantage of addressable advertising technology. “When only the selected homes see the ads, the metrics show the ads are of much greater interest and relevance to the audiences,” Kantar says.