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A Fine Hire

iVillage got a new big chief Monday, Deborah Fine. She said her first order of business is to get her bearings and build on an already strong brand. I wish it had been to change the name of one of iVillage's Web sites.

Actually, my fondest wish is that NBC base a new TV how on iVillage so that I can use a "HUT level" pun which I have been saving for just such an occasion.

But I digress.

The Web site name I would change would be ("a leading producer and distributor of physician-generated health and medical information on the Web"). The name has always struck me as in need of changing–"always" as in over the last several hours since I hastily googled iVillage (is "googled" as a verb lower case yet? I am sure lawyers will let me know).

"Healthology," which is tough to say without feeling like Daffy Duck, sounds like a Steven Colbert word. Maybe the name for an anthology on Hades, or perhaps a pseudoreligion started by diet book authors whose works are now in the remainder bins.

I must admit that I revealed my bias to Fine, who said my preference had been duly noted. I also must admit that I did not ask wether she is related to any of my favorite fines, which do not include indecency but do include documentary diva Holly, legal eagle Bruce, wordsmith Sylvia Kay and tufted-haired Stooge Larry.

But I digress big time.

By John Eggerton