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"Top 100 Shows" - Saturday, August 22 2015

The 18-49 demo mostly flocked to comedy-themed re-runs on Saturday night, as American Dad and The Big Bang Theory were the top-rated shows in primetime.

Lifetime's original movie The Unauthorized Full House Story was Saturday night's top-rated original, but disappointed in the demos, averaging a .6 Live+SD rating (P 18-49) a .7 among 25-54, and 1.6 million total Live+SD viewers. The original cast's expression of disappointment at the movie likely didn't help viewership.

That being said, Lifetime traditionally benefits a great deal from time-shifted data, so it's possible these numbers could shoot up as time goes on.

Beyond The Headlines, which aired at 10pm, earned a .5 in the demo and 1.2 million total Live+SD viewers.

HBO's presentation of the feature film Dumb and Dumber To finished as the #2 original on cable, despite less than stellar numbers in the demo and total viewers.

A re-run of 48 Hours on CBS (.6) was broadcast's top-rated program in the demo, and with 4.2 million total Live+SD viewers, it was the most-watched primetime program of the night. ABC's Boston EMS (.5) held steady.

100 Primetime Telecasts (based on Live + SD)

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