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TNT Strategic Opportunities - May 2009



TNT knows drama, whether it be hit off-net series, big-time original series, Hollywood movies, or NBA basketball.  TNT is a cross between a broadcast network, a pay movie service and a premiere NBA channel. 

TNT has an appetite, and a strong need for a new breakout original drama series that they can call their own. TNT is on record as looking for personal drama without the edge of FX or HBO, a statement made with an eye toward the syndication window.

But TNT seems to want to do it on their own, or else get the help of some big names - Redford, Bocchco, Bruckheimer - you get the idea. With the acclaim garnered from GRACE and THE CLOSER, they have cachet among Hollywood's top talent, making TNT tough territory for anything but studio projects.  Even with their entree into docs, reality and non-fiction, they prefer top name talent. TNT wants to be thought of as a broadcast network, as illustrated by their upfront presentation showmanship.

TNT has announced an ambitious series development initiative with the goal of an all-original Monday-Wednesday primetime lineup by 2010. The lineup will include a mixture of scripted dramas and unscripted programs. Both premieres and repeats will help the network keep originals programmed year-round.

"Cable has taken the measure of broadcast TV in sports, news and theatrical movies, and now we're ready to knock down the last bastion of broadcast dominance: weekly TV series," said Steve Koonin, president of the Turner Entertainment Networks. (Hollywood Reporter)

TNT has announced another lengthy development slate this upfront season that is heavy on big name Hollywood talent and crime dramas, with a couple of feel-good reality programs sprinkled in. "With these new projects, TNT continues to focus on great storytellers," said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming "The central characters come from different worlds of crime, law and medicine but they share essential, everyman qualities. They're all everyday heroes on a personal journey the viewer can relate to and care deeply about."


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