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TLC Analysis


TLC focuses on character and story driven reality programming with occasional topical specials like the recent EXTREME COUPONING and WILLIAM & KATE: A ROYAL LOVE STORY.  The schedule tends toward stacking by theme or editorial sensibility, rather than by title alone. They do not strip. Weekends have recently transitioned from mostly one-off hours to primarily regular programming.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / October 2012 vs. October 2011 (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Following an excellent September, TLC’s month-to-month ratings were down with women in the 18 - 49 and 25 – 54 demos. It seems TLC was left in a lurch now that HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO has concluded its first season.

But even though TLC was suffering from a post HONEY hangover, the network was still outperforming its ratings from a year ago. The network was up from 2011 by 7% with women 18 – 49 and 23% among women 25 – 54.

With HONEY absent from the schedule, BREAKING AMISH was left to pick up the slack as best it could. Viewership of AMISH remained unchanged among women 18 – 49 while there was a 7% increase among women 25 – 54.

All four of AMISH’S premiere episodes ranked within the top ten telecasts. More impressively, the show’s latter three episodes of the month were TLC’s top three broadcasts. Each consecutive episode of AMISH made significant rating gains over the episode preceding it.

Meanwhile, LONG ISLAND MEDIUM was down 13% from September among women 18 – 49. Despite the monthly drop, MEDIUM was still one of TLC’s strongest programs of the month. Along with AMISH, MEDIUM ensured that Sundays were unquestionably the highest rated program of the month. Sundays also enjoyed increases from both a monthly and yearly standpoint. The popular night featured a double dose of MEDIUM three out of four weeks. All told, MEDIUM had six episodes within TLC’s top ten telecasts and 11 appearances within the top 20.

SECRET PRINCES – a reality program featuring undercover princes looking for love – came to a close in October. Thanks to the first season finale, interest in the show was ratcheted up. The final episode earned respectable ratings: they were a far cry from AMISH’S worst rated premiere episode, but they were also PRINCES’ personal best.

19 KIDS AND COUNTING also out its season, bringing a close to its tenth run. Interest for the show seems to be waning, viewership among women 18 – 49 was down 7% from last year.

TLC’s documentary specials MY GIANT FACE TUMOR and HALF TON KILLER rated poorly but managed to beat out weakly received reality show ABBY & BRITANNY.