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Style Strategic Opportunities - May 2009



Style is officially strutting away from runway-based, high fashion-oriented programming in favor of more inspirational content that focuses on the triumps and trials of ordinary women.  As part of the network's transformation, Style has introduced a new tagline, "Before Meets After." The tagline better reflects content from their shows KIMORA: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE and RUBY.  According to network president Salaam Coleman Smith, Style is placing a greater emphasis on the life changes and issues of ordinary women, which have helped the network draw record numbers of viewers.  "We became much more character and story-driven, and by shifting to more character- and story-driven shows, we really also developed a connection to our audience that was far more enduring.

Style's programming is soley dedicated to the way you live your life: it is centered on engaging personalities and inspirational stories that are relatable to real women.

Style execs are looking for a shopping/makeover/ob-docs show.  They need you to explain "What's the story?  The entertainment factor?  Twist?  Who is the host?".  They are also not overly celebrity oriented.  They are looking to pay between $115-$350 per half-hour; to $500k/hour.  A big series would get a 6 to 10 episode commitment.  Style has committed to ordering 4 - 6 new series each year. The network continues to look for shows that celebrate the everyday women.

Style is looking for show pitches and hosts.  They are particularly interested in lifestyle programming, such as travel, weight loss, cooking and home.  They are looking for unique and refreshing fashion and beauty shows. Much of Style's success is attributable to the network's reality-driven content.  Everyday women who get makeovers, go shopping, do housecleaning and even become an undiscovered Miss America. Style is a niche network with mass appeal "" 90% of shows are original that feature everyday people.

According to Style Network executive vice president Salaam Coleman Smith, "it's the reality TV phenomenon that has completely transformed the programming landscape for women.  The transition of the American public becoming the star of the show has transformed the image of women in media," said Smith. "It's an exciting time because there is so much diversity with how women are portrayed whether positive, negative, outrageous, irreverent or traditional."  Smith attributes its success to tapping into the true desires of what women really want to watch.


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