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Style Analysis - October 2011


Style stands out from other channels mainly due to the fact that their programming offers more than personality-driven shows. They offer big personalities, really good stories, and feature true experts in their fields.  While 80 percent of The Style Network's schedule is made up of original shows, 20 percent consists of acquisitions. They look for high-volume, established series that already come with a built-in brand. Along with their original  programs,  CLEAN HOUSE, KIMORA: LIFE IN THE FAB LANE, and WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY?, their strategy has cemented the channel's relationship with its viewers.

Optimistic about its viewer base of "Shoptimists," a name that the network has given a group of consumers that the network categorizes as shopping enthusiasts, but brand loyalists.  Style Network announced that it has picked up a trio of new series, renewed a pair of returning favorites and unveiled 10 series in development.  Taking aim as a viewing destination for a group of women 18 to 49 who are positive, loyal and evolving, plus passionate shoppers and trendsetters.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / October 2011 vs. October 2010  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Compared to a year ago October 2010, overall ratings were up.  While share fell flat, delivery was up +62%, and Women 18-49 share rose +33%, respectively.  Style delivered a record-breaking month with its highest-rated October in the network’s history, posting a significant +41% year-to-year gain among Women 18-49.  Compared to October 2010, Style increased its delivery in all key demos, including Total Viewers, up +32%, Persons 18-34, up +51% and Women 18-34, up +59%. (Style press)

The overall monthly primetime averages for ratings, share and demo delivery were down this month compared to last month.  Overall share fell flat and delivery dropped 15%, respectively.   However, overall, the network touted very strong numbers overall.  New series GLAM FAIRY and viewer favorite JERSEYLICIOUS were definitely instrumental in giving the network a most memorable October.  Lots of details to report this month.    JERSEYLICIOUS concluded its third season run this month and ranked as the most watched season to date.   The premiere of GLAM FAIRY ranked as Style's 2nd most watched premiere ever with Women 18-49 and Women 18-34.  GLAM FAIRY more than doubled the network's prior four week primetime average (Style press).

The record-breaking new season of TIA & TAMERA also concluded its run this month.   TIA & TAMERA was Style's most-watched original series ever across all key demos.   BIG RICH TEXAS also concluded its run in October, and this series more than doubled the year ago time period average across all key metrics and delivered significant growth.

GIULIANA & BILL was up +10% in delivery overall.  SUPERNANNY and stacks of SEX AND THE CITY fell flat this month, despite being a strong acquisition for the channel that hits the core 18-49 female demos.  There were a few scattered episodes of PROJECT RUNWAY.  And another spin-off series was added to the very successful franchise of CLEAN HOUSE.  CLEAN HOUSE NEW YORK premiered on October 17th, followed by new episodes of HOW DO I LOOK.   MOVIES were down in all key demos this month, but were by no means the focus of the primetime line-up.

Overall, a very solid and successful month of original programming.  With returning series and new premieres, this network has stood out in terms of ratings success and continues to climb month after month.  At least a half a dozen reality shows are working on the channel, and the numbers are skewing young women.  Style has been moving towards more consistent scheduling blocks, and a good ratio of off-network acquired and original series is making Style viewers more committed to watching their favorite programs in primetime.