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Style Analysis - November 2010


* Bold denotes programming change


Style stands out from other channels mainly due to the fact that their programming offers more than personality-driven shows. They offer big personalities, really good stories, and feature true experts in their fields.  While 80 percent of The Style Network's schedule is made up of original shows, 20 percent consists of acquisitions. They look for high-volume, established series that already come with a built-in brand. Along with their original  programs,  CLEAN HOUSE, KIMORA: LIFE IN THE FAB LANE, and WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY?, their strategy has cemented the channel's relationship with its viewers.

Not unlike sister network E!, consistent scheduling patterns are sketchy at best. They do blocks of originals stacking, but the theme is not consistent throughout the month. There is no appointment viewing, rather it is the brand that you drop in and out of, like a magazine. You know what you are going to get, you just need to decide if you feel like viewing it at the time.  The one thing that it is consistent throughout all of the programming - it is all about the "style."


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2010 vs. November 2009  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Compared to a year ago November 2009, overall ratings were down.  Share fell flat and delivery was down -22%.  Women 18-49 their core demographics were also down.  However Sunday nights continued to be the only night of the week that was up.  Share was up +50% and delivery was up +7%, respectively.  There was some growth on Monday nights this month as delivery was up +12% from one year ago. 

The monthly primetime averages for ratings, share and demo delivery were pretty much on par this month compared to last month.  While overall share fell flat, delivery was up +7%.  Original series continue to dominate the primetime line-up.  Sunday nights where most cablers premiere their strongest programming has been no deterent for Style.  Original series JERSEYLICIOUS, GIULIANA & BILL, and MEL B: IT'S A SCARY WORLD dominated much of the Sunday night stack.  JERSEYLICIOUS now in its second season fell flat this month in the overall demos, and GIULIANA & BILL were also down.  MEL B. was up +61% in delivery and continued to bring in the Women 18-34 demos.  In addition, this was the first Sunday night in a long time where Style premiered a couple of half hour specials, The Amandas and Design Crazy.  Both specials under "Style Special" umbrella were up +10%. 

WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY was not on the schedule this month nor was signature show KIMORA: LIFE IN THE FAB LANE.  CLEAN HOUSE, Style's most popular original series, and its spin-off series CLEAN HOUSE COMES CLEAN and CLEAN HOUSE: MESSIEST HOUSE continue to draw appointment-viewing ratings.  CLEAN HOUSE was up +30% in delivery.  CLEAN HOUSE COMES CLEAN was up a whopping +102%, while the 3rd spin-off MESSIEST HOUSE fell flat this month.  THE DISH was up +10% this month as it was peppered throughout the schedule.  THE MOVIES WE LOVE franchise was up significantly this month.  And even though the network strategy has not been on movies or specials, but rather stacks of original series programming, entertaining titles like Angel Eyes, Pretty in Pink and Chicago rung a cord with viewers this month.  POLICE FASHION WEEKLY was down this month as was a few airings of off-network SUPERNANNY.  Style continues to branch out with their strategy of focusing on original programming thus allowing them to connect with their viewers.  Overall, considering it was a sweeps month, this channel has made great strides to focus on its original programming and create more consistent scheduling blocks. 


Style has been strutting away from runway-based, high fashion-oriented programming in favor of more inspirational content that focuses on the triumphs and trials of ordinary women.  Style is placing a greater emphasis on the life changes and issues of ordinary women, which have helped the network draw record numbers of viewers.  They have become much more character and story-driven. 

Style is looking for show pitches and hosts.  They are particularly interested in lifestyle programming, such as travel, weight loss, cooking and home.  They are looking for unique and refreshing fashion and beauty shows. Much of Style's success is attributable to the network's reality-driven content.  Everyday women who get makeovers, go shopping, do housecleaning and even become an undiscovered Miss America. Style is a niche network with mass appeal - 90% of shows are original that feature everyday people.

According to Style Network executive vice president Salaam Coleman Smith, "it's the reality TV phenomenon that has completely transformed the programming landscape for women.  The transition of the American public becoming the star of the show has transformed the image of women in media," said Smith. "It's an exciting time because there is so much diversity with how women are portrayed whether positive, negative, outrageous, irreverent or traditional."  Smith attributes its success to tapping into the true desires of what women really want to watch.