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Spike TV Network Need

A big consideration: what are the stakes/conflicts for the viewer? Going into 2014 Spike continues to try to broaden its appeal for co-viewing, and is not interested in programming that is "too male."

There has to be conflict. They require 2-3 "big conflict moments", with "huge act breaks". They, too, like some information and usefulness.

They have referenced the "monoman" and Joseph Campbell as a basis for the types of stories about heroic people the network wants to tell.

Spike wants to invite more women. They see their competition as History and Discovery. They are looking for more entertainment. Edginess is becoming less important. Make me better as a man is a mood they like.

*“Big characters, clear stakes, lots of conflict and a strong hook that keeps the audience glued all the way to the end.”

*Sizzles should clearly communicate the format of the show.
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"