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Science Channel Analysis


November's primetime schedule featured a wide variety of programs and not much in the way of theme nights or structured scheduling.  While there has been in the past months an extremely heavy reliance on acquisition HOW IT'S MADE, in recent months, Science has reduced the amount of airings by a significant number, opening the schedule to more original series.  Off network acquisitions FRINGE and FIREFLY, and an accompanying 10th anniversary FIREFLY special, scored well in November.


Live + SD Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2012 vs. November 2011 (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

What used to be a network that relied nearly primarily on re-airings of HOW IT'S MADE has developed into a network with a full slate of original series in various genres and high-profile specials, and off network acquisitions. This paid off well for the network in November, which was a solid month for Science, up 31% in overall HH viewers and saw similar increases in key younger demographics.

Monday nights in November featured a lineup of various originals paired with CURIOSITY, (a program shared with sister network Discovery), and UNEARTHING ANCIENT SECRETS. Monday nights were up 13% compared to November 2011. Monday nights failed to hit network average overall, but a few sex-themed programs (THE SCIENCE OF SEX APPEAL, CURIOSITY: SEX IN AMERICA, and THE ANATOMY OF SEX) all delivered above-average numbers.

Tuesdays in November also saw year-to-year growth in overall HH ratings (up 50%), as well as in the key younger demographics. The schedule was comprised of stacked episodes of various programs that rotated throughout the month.  Top performing was HOW IT'S MADE, though off-network acquisition FRINGE also scored above average.

More various program choices for Wednesday nights in November.  Though the night saw extremely positive year-to-year growth compared to November 2011 (up 36% in overall HH demos), most of the series barely managed to hit average.  Top performing was HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS.

Thursday nights continue to be strong for Science - this month, it was the second strongest night of the week, delivering above-average ratings in overall HH demos and among the key younger male demographics as well. Stacked episodes of HOW IT'S MADE and HOW DO THEY DO IT attract a solid viewership, as did Science original series PUNKIN CHUNKIN, which nearly doubled average in a special on 11/22. Another special, ODD FOLKS HOME, on 11/22, didn't manage to hit average, and the night had an overall loss of 8% of HH viewers and more among the younger demos compared to November 2011.

Friday's numbers saw a year-to-year jump of 33%.  The night featured a variety of programs - this month, top performing was ALIEN ENCOUNTERS and NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES.

Saturdays in October were anchored by marathons of HOW IT'S MADE, HOW TO THEY DO IT, and FRINGE.  Overall, the night was up 32% compared to November 2011 in overall HH demos, with both HOW IT'S MADE and FRINGE scoring above-average.

Sunday night's primetime lineup was up 64% compared to November 2011.  A variety of stacked episodes anchored the schedule for the month, with a strong delivery on 11/11 of a FIREFLY 10th ANNIVERSARY special and more PUNKIN CHUNKIN.