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Science Channel Analysis


Themed nights are the order of the day, filled with short series, long series, and single hours in between.  There is a fairly large spread among the average ages of the audience night to night.  Re-airings of HOW DO THEY DO IT and HOW IT’S MADE anchor several nights of the week.


Live + SD Primetime Ratings Comparison / June 2012 vs. June 2011 (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

After several months of solid year-to-year growth, June is no exception for Science.  Overall viewers increased 6% compared to June 2011, and all the key younger demographics saw an increase in year-to-year numbers.  The network is skewing 2% younger than a year ago as well.

Monday nights in June featured a variety of Science programming - from stacked episodes of HOW IT'S MADE to DEEP SPACE MARVELS, to series DANGER BY DESIGN.  Overall, the night was down 12% in HH viewers, and, overall, fell below average.  The top performing program for the night was DEEP SPACE MARVELS.

Tuesday nights in June saw similar losses overall, down 13% compared to last year and down even more among the key demographics.  More stacked episodes without any clear appointment viewing is most likely the culprit.  WHEN EARTH ERUPTS was the top-performing of the bunch - a title that seems to get ratings whenever Science schedules it.

Wednesday nights were flat in overall viewers, but up a solid 50% in the younger skewing adult demos.  THROUGH THE WORMHOLE delivered strongly this month for the network in the 10pm slot.  The show was #5 in terms of overall viewers for the month, and was up in female demos compared to last year.

Staples HOW IT'S MADE and HOW DO THEY DO IT anchor Science's Thursday night primetime lineup, driving the night up 38% compared to June 2011.  Numbers hovered just around, or above average throughout the month.  The night was the strongest of the week for Science.

Solid growth in the key younger demos on Friday nights was driven by solid performances of THROUGH THE WORMHOLE and NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES.  The night is the youngest-skewing of the week for Science.

Saturdays in June featured stacked episodes of original series ODDITIES.  Numbers were up strongly from a year ago (25% in overall viewers, more among the key younger demographics.)

Sunday night's primetime lineup brought in above-average numbers for the network.  Driving the 11% increase were stacked episodes of WHAT THE ANCIENTS KNEW, which also was the #1 rated show in overall viewers for the month of June.