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Investigation Discovery Analysis


A mix of repurposed acquisitions combined with catchy-named originals comprise ID’s schedule.  Staples like DATELINE, 48 HOURS, and 20/20 lead viewers into originals at 10pm.  Overall, ID boasts a well-balanced schedule that doesn't rely too much on one or two titles - most programs get equal airtime.


Live + SD Primetime Ratings Comparison / April 2012 vs. April 2011  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

April proved to be another solid month for Investigation Discovery.  As was the case in March, nearly every returning programming saw growth compared to last year.  Compared to other networks, ID boasts numbers that hover around their average every night of the week.  There are no big dramatic fluctuations from night to night - just solid programming with loyal viewers.

Monday nights saw the continuation of DISAPPEARED with both ALASKA: ICE COLD KILLERS and FATAL ENCOUNTERS taking lead out spots during the month.  While overall, the night scores average for ID, it was up 22% compared to year-ago stats.  Both ICE COLD and FATAL ENCOUNTERS indexed over the average, as well.

Tuesdays on ID are notoriously haphazardly scheduled, and April was no exception: this month featured a wide variety of programming choices - from stacked episodes of DEADLY SINS to STALKED: SOMEONE'S WATCHING, and SINS & SECRETS.  Many airings hit above, or very close to average, and the night was up 48% compared to last year.

NOTHING PERSONAL continued following its March debut on Wednesday nights.  The night is up modestly compared to a year ago, though the show's numbers dipped throughout the month - the show was down 18% compared to its March performance.  REAL VICE: MIAMI, in the 10pm slot, hit just about average.

Thursdays had traditionally been the strongest of the week for ID - no longer the case in April.  The night did see growth compared to last year, but not nearly as much as the other nights of the week.  SINS & SECRETS continues to score average or above, but DATELINE and COLD BLOOD struggled to find their footing in this month.  DATELINE's numbers were flat from last year.

Friday's 21% increase was fueled by more originals - UNUSUAL SUSPECTS and MOTIVES & MURDER both scored above average for the night.

Saturdays saw the most dramatic increase out of all of the nights of the week for the network and was one of the strongest nights of the week.  Female-skewing originals WHO THE BLEEP DID I MARRY, DEADLY SINS, and SCORNED: LOVE KILLS continuously deliver for the network.

Sundays were the strongest of the week, and saw a 26% growth compared to last year.  UNUSUAL SUSPECTS anchors the night in the 10pm slot with lead-ins 48 HOURS ON ID and NIGHTMARE NEXT DOOR.  Both programs hover around average, but can't make the same numbers as UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.  Still, both 48 and NIGHTMARE are showing steady increases in viewers compared to last year.

Strong, solid originals that work the brand and don’t alienate the audience, and key acquisitions are the key to ID’s slow and steady growth.  Likely they won’t break the mold anytime soon, but there is clear opportunity for producers to bring great characters and compelling crime stories to the table.