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GSN Strategic Opportunities - September 2009


GSN continually looks to redefine and expand the definition of game and competition.  What have made their loyal viewers come back again and again are the programs that challenge game play and trivia.  New programming generally tends to pursue the traditional, broad half-hour strip game show format with interactive play-along elements.  In addition to non-traditional one hour series: competitive reality shows, documentaries, story-driven & celebrity-driven formats.

The network looks for a show to appeal their audience base of male/female 25-54.  Shows have repeatability, and signature series that can break out.Most recently they just acquired the rights to NBC's off-network acquisition DEAL OR NO DEAL. GSN continues to acquire product in the quiz/game show genres.  They look for high energy shows that have a great host, and an opportunity for big-time winners that entices the audience to join in on the fun either on-air or online.


GSN launched a new three-hour block of original programming and hosted live entertainment on Saturday nights called Big Saturday Night. The block features two new original shows: 20Q and THE MONEY LIST. 

And rounding out the action on Big Saturday Night, GSN will feature live entertainment from music to comedy co-hosted by Ross Mathews.  Mathews will also do taped interviews and entertainment segments for the block and celebrities will make appearances.

GSN's program CATCH 21 crosses all platforms. There is an online game players now have the opportunity to enjoy the game as a TV show, while TV viewers can become contestants by logging on and competing against other players for cash and prizes.  CATCH 21 is an example of the kind of programming that GSN is going after.  Bringing a classic card game to life in a fun way that engages the audience.  GSN remains committed to developing within a wide range of formats including original reality, relationship, comedy and game-related documentaries.

GSN is constantly trying to create new opportunities to tie in their programming with multi-platform interactive initiatives.  With GSN Live, their intention is to give away prizes and exciting new opportunities to win in real-time every day.  It promises to be fun, engaging way for them to further connect with their audience by giving them a unique experience for game show fans every time they tune in.


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