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G4 Analysis - November 2009



G4 is in the midst of a shift in its programming strategy. G4 had been stripping new episodes of X-PLAY and daily tech/pop culture series ATTACK OF THE SHOW weekday evenings.  Now it has made the commitment to cut back the number of weekly editions of X-PLAY and AOTS.  The network plans to take the money saved from those shows and use it to develop more original programming.  Cutting back on strips allows them to use their money on other new projects like a G4 UNDERGROUND.

G4 has also been spending more money and getting into off-network acquisitions in primetime.  High profile acquisitions like COPS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, LOST and HEROES.  This allows the channel a built in audience immediately that they might have not had.  These series speaks perfectly to G4's young-male audience and are an excellent complement to the network's programming lineup, which includes content such as Comic-Con coverage, live daily strip ATTACK OF THE SHOW and video-game-review series X-PLAY.  It also allows the network to use the hit NBC show HEROES to expand their brands and promote original programming. This kind of acquisition also shows that they are a serious player for product in the cable/broadcast acquisition marketplace.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2009 vs. November 2008  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample




Overall primetime averages for ratings and delivery were up compared to one year ago, November 2008.  Share fell flat but delivery was up +25%.  Men 18-49 was up +100% share.  G4 was up substantially on Tuesday and Friday nights with an increase in delivery by as much as +71% and +69%, respectively.  G4 delivered 86,000 total viewers for the month of November 2009 and rose +15% over the year-ago performance.  The network also showed gains of +11% with homes and matched its ratings performance among Men 18-34. (G4 press)  Off network acquisition COPS was up +32% and COPS 2.0 was up +5% in overall delivery.  X-PLAY was up +46% in delivery overall from one year ago.  In fact, flagship programs ATTACK OF THE SHOW, and X-PLAY both gained over their year-ago all-telecast performances with homes, total viewers, and Men 18-34.

Comparing Monday-Sunday primetime monthly averages, G4 was down pretty significantly from last month.  Share fell flat and delivery was down -14%.  Men 18-49, were also down -21%.

This month had one new premiere, the second season of HUMAN WRECKING BALLS on November 11th at 8pm.  We'll keep an eye out for this series season in the weeks to come, but if last season was any indicator then a third season wouldn't be out of the question.  Original series WEB SOUP was down +32% in delivery while THE INTERNATIONAL SEXY LADIES SHOW were up +12% this month.

As usual, G4's primetime programs were stacks of half-hour original and acquired product.  For the most part its programming strategy has been pretty consistent week to week.  Programming that continues to be the staples on the network were X-PLAY, COPS, COPS 2.0, CHEATERS, HEROES and MOVIES dominating the schedule.  X-PLAY was up +18%.  COPS  was down -16% and COPS 2.0, the interactive version, was down -6% in overall delivery this month.  Never-the-less, COPS, G4's off-network acquisition, continues to be the highest rated program on the channel.  CHEATERS was down -4% and off-network acquisition HEROES was down -33% in delivery overall.  Not a strong month for MOVIES, as ratings were down this month as well.

November sweeps certainly could be a factor in the ratings decline for this channel this month.  But even so, returning favorites and new series have really been paying off for G4 lately, even in the midst of all the competition on cable these days.  There were no specials to report on this month.