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E! Analysis - November 2011


Even with the cluttered programming on cable on Sunday nights, E! is not afraid to air one of their best originals like  KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS or HOLLY'S WORLD.  Most of their schedule varies night by night, week to week.  It is rather looked upon as if you are watching the brand, and not appointment viewing.

This cable network has developed a successful, highly profitable take on the old broadcast network formula -- find and create accessible stars and watch the viewers pour in, but for fractions of the cost of a single episode of a network drama.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2011 vs. November 2010  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

November was a dim month for E! with the sole exclusion of the blisteringly popular KOURTNEY & KIM TAKE NEW YORK.  While the majority of E’s output hobbled along ineffectually, KOURTNEY proved a resounding triumph.  The second season premiere managed to be one of the network’s highest rated telecasts of all time.  The season opener also posted significant gains over the show’s original premiere.

Nothing else on E’s programming schedule came close to conjuring the same magic woven by KOURTNEY.  Sundays – which featured the premiere of KOURTNEY – were far and away the strongest night of the week.

The night was also bolstered by season four episodes of KENDRA.  While KENDRA’S numbers were hardly record breaking, they were consistently solid.  The three premiere episodes of the show were the top telecasts of the month behind KOURTNEY.

Though not as popular as Sundays, primetime Fridays also performed respectably due to tandem THE SOUP and FASHION POLICE WEEKLY.  Though slightly female-skewing, the Joel McHale helmed clip show fared well among both demographics.

And while response to FASHION POLICE was a little less enthusiastic, both POLICE and SOUP enjoyed four spots in the network’s list of top telecasts.

The rest of the week was much less impressive from a ratings standpoint.  As per usual, SEX AND THE CITY took the lion’s share of programming space.  All told, SEX AND THE CITY aired a total of 38 episodes in the month of November.  Ratings were dependably sturdy but not flashy.

In an ironic twist, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS proved to be one of the worst rated E! shows of the month (only beating out ON E!).  It makes sense that two sister Kardashian shows could end up at opposing sides of the ratings spectrum when considering KEEPING UP was relegated to reruns.

Meanwhile, DIRTY SOAP performed slightly better than KARDASHIANS and CITY but was still underwhelming.